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Batman: an iconic superhero whose powers are r...Image via WikipediaBATMAN The Dark Knight ,
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6 Movies Batman Would Make Better
The Dark Knight is so awesome, we´re starting to feel like every movie could benefit from adding 100 percent more Batman.

Can´t get enough of The Dark Knight? Heath Ledger´s performance as the Joker is in our list of the 9 Best Last Roles. Batman wasn´t always the sane caped crusader we´ve come to know and love. Also, old Batman Adam West on new Batman Christian Bale.
Get link watch "The Dark Knight" 7 parts rom below : ( we will added newest links on recently update ,pls return if you don't watching right now with this link ).For faster watching ,copy all links to your Notepad or anywhere ; paste link of part you watched on the address box of your browser.( or clip on Part to go )
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Part 7 of 7
Saturday Knight Fever

A Knight at the Roxbury

A Hard Day's Knight

Donnie Dark Knight

Good Knight and Good Luck

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