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A Broken LifeImage via WikipediaA Broken Life 2008
genre :Drama-Crime
Year: 2008
Country: Canada
Time: 94 minutes
Production: Caged Angel Films
Distribution: Anchor Bay Entertainment
Director: Neil Coombs
Cast: Tom Sizemore, Ving Rhames, Corey Sevier, Grace Kosaka, Saul Rubinek
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Tortured by his own mediocrity, Max decides to commit suicide and recruits his only friend Bud, a struggling filmmaker, to record his last day on earth. Bent on exacting revenge, Max tracks down and finally confronts his overbearing Boss and his ex-wife. His rage builds until his last day is turned upside down by the kindness of a young woman in a wheelchair. Just moments from his own end, Max finds hope but is it too late to fix what is broken?

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