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Like in movie scene ; teenager band assaults .

Tuesday, September 9, 2008 |
After found the girl from an internet pit-station the group took the victim to an apartment of a boyfriend as one of the main suspects, beating her nearly continuously. The clip begins with a group of girl turn around the victim, one of them hitting her on the back of the head. The suspects pulled her hair, slapped her in the face and forced her , tell the victim to slap the face by herself, make a march in step with completely naked.
The victim was fall to the floor after many violent beat of suspect girls or one of them.The assault continued, with the assailants joking with each other boys to make the victim’s ordeal. As the clip ended,two and more of them then grabbed victim leg and they forced victim to make easy for other boys rapped successlly.

But one of the most important on this case that one of a witness working at the internet was told that the Khai Binh police dept has been investigated but do not have any result for the case at that time.( july 2007) .READ FULL POST

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