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Brad Pitt CGI in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button , 100% CGI?.
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is a 2008 film in a modern setting loosely adapted from the 1922 short story of the same name written by F. Scott Fitzgerald. The film is directed by David Fincher, and stars Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett. The film will be released December 25, 2008.

For a look to our movie addicted ,i quote the full post of an "unconfirmed report" reading on Msn Upcoming Movies post.
Brad Pitt 100% CGI In The First Half Of 'Benjamin Button'?
Many comments on movie sites of bloggers was thinking about this just last week. everyone may already knew Brad Pitt would not be the Button body for at least half the film, so we wondered how that might play into his Oscar chances.
We think it will probably have some-what a negative effect, not that we think Brad has much of a chance to begin with. No diss to Brad and all, but his acting is kinda all over the board. Sometimes he's good (12 Monkeys, A River Runs Through It) sometimes he's bad (The Devil's Own, Seven Years in Tibet) but most of the time he's just 'meh' in my book.
Granted most of his movies we like alot , but it's usually never due strictly to Brad's acting. Button seems to be no different. Like with Meet Joe Black (a movie as already mentioned resembles Button), the way he plays the death character is just, well, odd, and almost comes off as bad acting.
We're not expecting Button to be any revelation in terms of Brad's acting either, and history supports us. Everyone thought he'd get a nom for Babel, nope...and for Assassination, fact we think he'd have a better chance of getting a supporting nod for his comedic turn in 'Burn After Reading' if he wasn't so into it. What we mean is the character is just too one note and extreme, unlike Jeffrey Goines in 12 Monkeys.

and more on MSN source everyone can reading this short post :
CGI Brad Pitt? ( Via Msn )
Brad Pitt's upcoming movie, "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button," has been generating serious search interest for months. Pitt even has Oscar buzz for his role as a man who ages backward. But this recent unconfirmed report says the star of the first half of the movie is actually a computer-generated version of the two-time "Sexiest Man Alive."
Bonus trivia: This member of the Jolie-Pitt clan has a cameo in the film.

Below ,i quote the full post of this "unconfirmed report" . Brad Pitt 100% CGI In The First Half Of 'Benjamin Button'?

According to the Spike Jonze, AICN interview (toldja there'd be a lot from it), Brad Pitt's character in 'Ben Button' is totally CGI throughout the first half of the film.
"The character in the first hour of 'The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button' is created in post (-production), basically, with Brad Pitt inspiring it. (David) Fincher totally invented his own technique, and it’s insane. Like whenever you hear there’s a CG character, I’m always a little skeptical, but I never even noticed it. It’s just this totally compelling, really charming character, you know, because he’s like a little boy inside an old man’s body, and the performance is amazing."
It's like Andy Serkis in 'Lord Of The Rings' basically as Golem. Could he still get an Oscar nom for that? Would it reduce him chances? Hmmm... Either way, Jonze obviously thinks Pitt does a fantastic job.

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