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Today , i would like to shows you an interesting short raw clip , recorded by one of their assaillant with a cell phone , i think that you never seen before. However , this is an exclusive on my movie post blog only.
This clip was posted on Yousaytoo community , you may read full post from this link " Wrong effects on video shares of teen asian-Part 1".
The video clip, about four minutes long, was posted at the Web site asia categories and was widely copied and posted elsewhere on Vietnam-China- video sites. The clip was showed at the North-tian a province of Vn's nearest the China and Vn border between 2 countries.
The clip begins with a girl talking very loud to the victim’s face and hitting her continiously , pulled her hair, slapped her in the face and all other assaillants started...The victim to be in luck when a big-hearted man was stopped quite this shame assault.

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